Sunday, July 17, 2011

O True Apothecary!

"O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die."
                                                     ~William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Apothecary Jars
My title is a bit misleading. I just love Shakespeare.

Apothecaries were precursors to pharmacists. They dispensed herbal and chemical medicines to both doctors and patients. And of course the apothecary played a small but pivotal role in Romeo and Juliet. These men also gave medical advice and kept their herbs and drugs in drug or apothecary jars. It's the jars that interest me.

I've been in love with apothecary jars for a very long time. They always seem to pop up on mantels, counters, shelves and tables in home decor magazines. Designers leave them empty or fill them with everything from pasta and fresh fruit . . .

Coffee and Oatmeal
 to sea shells and plants . . .
Shells and Rocks

They also make great decorations for the holidays.
To keep clutter and superfluous possessions out of my home and life, I don't allow myself to buy anything unless I have an immediate need for it, a place to display it, or a place to store it if it's a seasonal item. Also, whenever I buy a new article of clothing or pair of shoes, I try (not always successfully) to get rid of an old piece of clothing or pair of shoes to make room for it. Sadly, I don't have a need or place for apothecary jars, no matter how much I may lust after them. But one day when I have a fireplace and mantel, I have every intention of decorating it with apothecary jars.

Sweet dreams,


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