Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New York, New York

Six months from today, I turn 30. Normally on my birthday, I get all prettied up and spend the afternoon by myself—shopping, taking a walk, enjoying the sunshine and warmth and me-time. I treat myself to a new book and a bouquet of freshly cut flowers every year. In the evening, I've gone out with friends to celebrate, had a surprise party thrown for me or a boyfriend took me out for dinner. On the birthdays that I stayed in, I splurged on ingredients that were a little out of my price range and tested out a new recipe I’d been dying to try. It’s a nice little ritual.

But I want to usher the next decade of my life by doing something different and a little more exciting. I love to travel and I haven’t been on an out-of-state vacation in nearly three years. I’ve pretty much decided I want to spend my 30th birthday in New York City. 

I spent two days in the city with friends about six years ago. We spent the first day shopping on Fifth Ave, sightseeing—the Empire State Building, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Time Squares, and Central Park—had dinner in Little Italy and went bar hopping in Midtown. The second day was cold and rainy but we ventured out to the Statute of Liberty and Ground Zero before taking the train back to our vacation home base in Rhode Island. But there was so much more I wanted to see and do! Soho, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, The Met, the Museum of Natural History, a Broadway show, more of Central Park . . .

So I found a deal on (my favorite online dreaming site) for a five day/four night stay at the Wellington Hotel in Midtown, flight and hotel just $529. That's definitely in my price range.

My birthday's in July. I know the city’s probably going to be sweltering and that’s why I’m finding such great prices on airfare and hotels. Plus, my birthday is the day after the Fourth of July which means my boyfriend and friends probably won’t be able to get the time off from work. But I can take pleasure in dreaming and planning. And who knows, my mom and dad are going to Las Vegas this year for my mom's 60th birthday (their very first vacation outside of Michigan); maybe I'll make it to New York for my 30th. 

Sweet dreams,



  1. Love blogs started by friends-- congrats on starting one! NYC will be awesome!! Still deciding on where to spend my 30th... :) I love that you treat yourself on your birthday in various ways, why wait for someone else to do it! Good for you all around girl!

  2. Do it! Live it up for your 30th. I'm a July baby too!