Friday, February 25, 2011

Writing Nook

Last month I wrote about turning an extra closet into my own work space so I could get organized and focused. Well, I now have my very own little writing nook.

I decided on a Better Homes and Garden Baily Writing Desk:

I got it for $70 ($100 off!) from Free shipping when I had it shipped to my local Walmart store. The desk has everything I need to stay organized--drawers, slots and even a little shelf underneath the desk to hide my clutter. It was a bit of a pain to put it together, but it's sturdy and looks like an expensive piece of furniture. I love it!

I took the doors off one of the two closets in my living room, slid in the desk and accessorized with things I already had--red curtains, shelves, lamp, books, Buddha, photographs, and cork board. I also use an old chair that I re-upholstered a few years ago. 
  While the chair is pretty, it's not the most comfortable thing to sit in for hour upon hour. So I'm still in search of the perfect chair. I don't really like the look of the traditional desk chair. I want something that looks at least somewhat stylish but that's comfortable too.
Even if it takes me a while to find a chair for my desk, I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it is to have my own place to write and work. The mess and clutter from my coffee table (my previous working space) is gone. I no longer feel lazy because I'm sitting on the couch all day. And I can finally put my work down. Since the living room was my work/relaxation space, I couldn't seem to separate the two. Even though I had written my articles for the day, I found my constantly searching for more articles or conducting more research. Now, when I'm at my desk, it's work time and when I'm not, I don't even think about it. And to make sure that I leave my work at my desk my darling boyfriend made me this sign:

Sweet dreams,


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