Sunday, March 6, 2011


I want peek-a-boo highlights!

I'm going to make a confession. I'm nearly thirty and I love watching Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I saw my first peek-a-boo highlights on that show. In flashback scenes the character Aria has bright red peek-a-boo highlights. Before I knew what they were, I thought they were pretty cool. Then I stumbled across Hot in My Salon on AOL featuring Barbara Forgione and her rainbow highlights, and I learned the term peek-a-boo.

As a teenager I never had any desire to dye my hair, normal colors or otherwise. It wasn't until I hit my mid or late twenties that I got the urge to experiment. But I had a job that required a professional appearance. Hot pink streaks didn't exactly qualify. Now that I work as a professional writer, I can get away with what ever I want--if I can conjure up the confidence to pull it off, that is.

I love that since the highlights are underneath, you can hide them if you want. I also like the idea that you don't have roots to touch up. 

If I don't feel quite brave enough to do a dramatic color I could do something more subtle:

If you look carefully Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis have natural looking peek-a-boo highlights too.

I don't know if I'd want subtle caramel-blonde highlights to go with my brown hair or something wilder. I still have to find a haircut I like. Oh, and get new tires for my car and stock up on contact lenses before I spend money on my hair. Maybe this spring.

Sweet dreams,


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  1. You should do something wild! Seems you want to be bold bold! You can even do a light/platinum blond on brown hair and it will look great. Even better, if you want to change your color, your streak would already be bleached and you could use an at home kit to get bright colors or a subtle carmel! Hope it all goes well. :)